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Best of Ura Mawashi Geri || Karate

25 Mei 2021
Best Of Ura Mawashi Geri This Is the compilation of Ura Mawashi Geri (hook kick) performed by One of the best kumite players of the world. Just Hit the subscribe button and press the bell icon ASAP. So you can never miss any update from this Channel. And also don't forget to like the videos ????. Song Name - Under water link - https://youtu.be/xzyRoshFFaA Players Featured In this video - Rafael Aghayev????????, Steven Da Costa????????,Alexandra Recchia????????, Plakhutin Evegeny????????, Aykhan Mamayev????????, Stanislav Horuna????????, Asiman Gurbanli????????, Shahin Atamov????????, Sadriddin Saymatov????????, Thomas Scott???????? and Many More. #Wkf #Uramawashigeri #Karate Credit goes to these videos - https://youtu.be/iYh30bTZXJY https://youtu.be/_OZmqXiMTZg https://youtu.be/-kxqCyEKEvU https://youtu.be/KHFgz4Qmzrs https://youtu.be/GbpPEGKOZ4w https://youtu.be/UI6O2bPGoDs https://youtu.be/g6ZCcZMu5Ac https://youtu.be/lDfTi1CkTSw https://youtu.be/JpjGXs5xq2Q https://youtu.be/Oh-Btu-iIyw https://youtu.be/AXZELlO7QyM https://youtu.be/aL5_mfzwMFs https://youtu.be/DqgKjvWgHfA https://youtu.be/k5RamzjKT6E https://youtu.be/4y1y6Eq97Lw

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